About Swing 365

Swing-365 was established in early 2020 by Navy veteran and USGTF (United States Golf Teachers Federation) affiliate, Anthony P Bonanno. With his extreme love for the game of golf, a passion to entertain and a purpose to give back to his youth community, Swing-365 was created to promote, entertain, and teach the exciting game of golf in a unique and creative way!  No matter what the day, season or event, Swing-365 is here to serve you proudly throughtout the entire year!  

Join in on our brand new seasonal leagues and play courses like Pebble Beach, Merion or St. Andrews like you have never experienced or find us at your favorite bar on our "Pars in Bars" golf tour.  Swing-365 has everything you need to not only keep your game sharp but to take it to the next level!  We welcome all ages and levels of golfers and GUARANTEE to provide you a great experience at an extremely affordable cost.

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